Below are the top Mobile Marketing resources we highly recommend for your business.

  • QR Champ – QR Champ is an online tool that enables you to create up to 9 different types of QR codes. Use these to land clients by creating a free code for them, or provide QR codes as part of your paid services. Offline, you can use them for lead generation, and a lot more.  Take the QR Champ Tour.
  • WP Text Pro – WP Text Pro, a WordPress plugin, enables you to esily send text message broadcasts. Unlike other services, you are in complete control of your text messaging system. You simply install the wordpress plugin on a wordpress blog in your domain, and you are able to deliver text messages to mobile devices.  Visit WP Text Pro now.
  • Dudamobile – DudaMobile, a leading mobile website builder platform, makes it easy to create mobile-friendly websites. The online software provides a mobile website builder that converts existing websites into fully-functional mbile websites. Visit Dudamobile now.
  • Signalmind – SignalMind (formerly “piJnz”), a cloud-based mobile engagement platform for agencies and marketers, offers a set of integrated features, including a mobile site builder, coupon management, mobile directory and customer loyalty programs. Visit Signalmind now.